Отец Паисий 85 SOU Otets Paisiy
Sofia, Vrazhdebna
 85 SOU Otets Paisiy  

85 SOU Otets Paisiy Today

General data:

There are students from 1-st to 12-th grade in 85 SOU. They are divided into 18 classes. In the schoolyear 2011/2012 there are 345 students in 85 SOU.

85 SOU team:

  • Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster.
  • Teachers: 26, incl. 8 teachers in primary school classes and 18 in  secondary school classes.
  • Educators: 2
  • Special education needs teacher: 1

85 SOU material base and conditions:

  • Free medical service;
  • Two computer clasrooms;

  • Internet;

  • Library;

  • School buffet;

  • Video monitoring;

  • Free security service;

  • Sports base;

  • Studentships for excelent success;

  • Тerrain for young bicycler training;

  • Free additional lessons for students in 1-st and 2-nd grade;

  • Sports: fencing, dances, footbal;

  • Еxtracurricular activities.


  • 85 SOU Otets Paisiy is situatec in the center of Vrazhdebna. Check location on the map HERE!

  •  The road trafic in Vrazhdebna is calm and students are safe going to school.

  • There are bus stop near the school for bus lines 12, 14 and 78.

Otets Paisiy (Father Paisius) - The Patron of 85 SOU

History of 85 SOU


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