Отец Паисий 85 SOU Otets Paisiy
Sofia, Vrazhdebna
 85 SOU Otets Paisiy  


  • The school in Vrazhdebna was founded after the Liberation in 1879. The first teacher was Michail Velchev Yonchev. At first, training was held in private houses. In 1883 was built the first school building with 5 classrooms. In 1892 two more teachers joined the school – Dimitar Zembliev and Iliya Barzev.

  • In 1922 the school was transformed to primary school.

  • In 1963 opened the new school building.

  • During the 1991-1992 school year the school was transformed into a secondary school with economic training. The study of economic subjects is typical for the school to this day.  

  • Today, 85 SOU high school students are trained in the economic profile "Technology" - "Business Management" and "Tourism".

  • Former students in 85 SOU Otets Paisii are present masters of sport, lecturers and scientists in Faculty of Law of Sofia University and Technical University, pilots, teachers, etc.

85 SOU Today


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